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Jutta Maria Pusl

Jutta Maria Pusl in engaged in digital image processing and photography for several years now. For her images she is using fractals, pictures and 3D graphics. She is showing a choice of her digital graphics at the digital art exhibition in the Kunstlege Hohenegg since 2008.

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Bunch of Grapes
Fantasy Tree
Final Destination
Mrs. and Mr. Centipede
Natural Jewels
Never-Ending Steps
One at a Time
Strange World
The Way Upwards
Thorn Flower
Autumn Wind
Dance of the Scorpions
Lemon Juice
The Egg Family
Hot Stuff
Tempus fugit
The Best Day Are Over
Pink Composition
Winter Blossom
A Day is Born
A Legend of Stone
Summer Weather
Troubled Water
Miles from Anywhere
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